This is the astronomy site of the Couch Potato Obsevatory (CPO) located in Orléans, Ontario, Canada.

Orléans, Ontario is a suburb of the city of Ottawa.  It is located at latitude 45.5 N and longitude 75.5 W.


CPO was constructed from April to June 2003.


The observatory is in the attic of my house just above the computer room.  The opening is a home made escape door that is similar to a skylight with no window.  A ladder inside the computer room gives access to the observatory.  CPO was designed only for astronomy video observing and imaging.

The observatory telescope is a Meade LX200 10".  The pier is from a 55" high drill press.  The camera is a Mallincam Hyper (a Mallincam PRO upgraded to a Hyper).  The picture above shows the telescope outside the roof using the original Mallincam 1.  All images are captured from the computer room below the observatory.  Other equipment used are the Meade f/3.3 focal reducer and the Meade remote keypad.


This web site is under construction.

The incomplete pages will be finished shortly.


Last updated on September 12, 2009.  (new OAOG Astronomy Day photos)