The MallinCam Project consists of creating an inventory of MallinCam images of the best 15,000 deep sky objects.  The goal of the project is to provide observers with a preview of what the MallinCam will show live on the monitor.  The images of this inventory will not be stacked, will not be processed and will be created by taking of single shot of that was visible on the screen.


Who can contribute to the MallinCam Project?  Every MallinCam owner can contribute to this project by simply taking single screen shot images of deep sky objects.  It is very easy to contribute images.  You just need to join the MallinCam Project Yahoo Group and load images in the Files section.  I will take the images from there and post them on the MallinCam Project web site.


For more details about the MallinCam Project, please go to the  project's web site using the following link:


MallinCam Project Web Page



Denis Legault

MallinCam Project Administrator